Howard Miller, a company known for incomparable workmanship, revolutionized urn selections by introducing the first clock urn to the memorial industry more than 15 years ago. At the time, Howard Miller’s new memorial line featured beautifully-crafted wood chest urns and clock urns which could be discretely placed in one’s home or serve as memorial housing until a family chose to inter the loved one.

Today the warmth of the wood continues to invite loving touches. Styled to suit contemporary to traditional decors, these urns deserve prominent placement when honoring a loved one. Perfect for at-home use or niche display. Every Howard Miller full-size urn accommodates a temporary plastic or brass insert and includes a certificate for a free engraved brass plate.
Miller memorials, crafted of different woods, now feature clock urns, chest urns and photo urns as well as pet and keepsake sizes In business since 1926, Howard Miller is known for a full selections of clocks – wall, mantel, table and grandfather clocks; Curio/Display Cabinets: customizable TV/Storage units and Wine & Bar Collections.

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